2018 Retreat Followup
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2018 Retreat Followup

A huge thank you to everyone who made this year’s retreat a successful event!

This page will gather together the links and suggestions for keeping your practice going and building on the retreat.

Getting followed by a teacher

The Guide for Students is here: https://pointingoutway.org/retreats/guide

The list of teachers is here: https://pointingoutway.org/teachers

Register a free account on the site to get access to recordings of some of the meditations and visualisations.

More about the Jomson Monastery Project

If you missed the videos on Tuesday night, two are available here for the Mustang Valley school / Jomson Monastery project: https://pointingoutway.org/stories

The website for the Foundation is here: http://www.pointingoutthegreatway.org including links for donations and more information.

Our group donated at least $2600 to the Foundation as a thank-you gift for Dan and Gretchen, in addition to a beautiful vase (photos to come!)

Digital Dharma documentary

The other video about Gene Smith is available here http://digitaldharma.com

Social Media

Follow this link to join a private group for attendees: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pointingoutaustralia/

Follow this link to see the Pointing Out Australia page, including reminders about the Virtual Sangha sessions: https://www.facebook.com/PointingOutAustralia/

There were some suggestions about setting up a chatroom on What’s App or some other platform – we will update this page when one starts up.