Gretchen Nelson
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Gretchen Nelson

Gretchen Nelson has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1986. She is an NCAA cross-country champion runner recently inducted into the University of Oregon Sports Hall of Fame for her contribution to the 1983 team NCAA Division 1 championship.


Gretchen is based in San Francisco and has been teaching Hatha yoga and meditation from various traditions since 1989. In 1997 she received her Masters in Science in Physical Therapy from UCSF Medical School. Gretchen integrates meditation and yoga in her physical therapy practice. She has 10 years of in-patient hospital physical therapy experience. She served as an ergonomics consultant for United Parcel Service drivers.


Her physical therapy work focuses on home visits for the elderly, with a focus on keeping elders healthy through home visits to prevent injury and illness that would otherwise lead to nursing home admissions. She has done volunteer work in Central America and San Francisco. Gretchen has taught over 20 week-long retreats with Daniel Brown since 2007 nationally and internationally.


Gretchen’s current focus is on developing on-going relationships with students who have completed Dan Brown’s level 1 retreat to provide continuity of the teachings. She offers day-long/weekend courses in San Francisco and Boston and will consult hourly in person in San Francisco or by telephone for those living out of area. She is committed to living the practice off the meditation pillow and out of the classroom. For her yoga is not a sequence of postures and meditation is not sitting quietly but yoga and meditation are a way of living all the time.