One-Day Concentration Workshop with Gretchen Nelson

This daylong course is designed as both an introduction and a follow up for the weeklong Level 1 Pointing Out Way course which is taught by Dan Brown and Gretchen Nelson annually in Australia.

Registration form for 1-Day Concentration Workshop with Gretchen Nelson

Schedule and content

Morning 9.00-11am:

Concentration training based on Asanga’s elephant path

Break 11.00-11.15am

Mid-Morning 11.15-12.30pm:

Introduction to impermanence as gateway to emptiness


Afternoon 1.30-3.00pm

Emptiness practices


Late Afternoon 3.45-5.00pm

Mahayana compassion practice 

This course is interactive, lectures followed by guided meditations filled by discussion. There will be 7-8 meditations from 15-20 minutes each.  You will see they all have a direct impact on your life  “off the pillow”. Please register in advance as there is limited space.