2019 Retreats

Meditation Retreats

The Pointing Out style combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience integrated with the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions and the wisdom of their direct transmission lineages. This provides Westerners of all levels with simple, profound and clear access to the deepest spiritual traditions.

In Australia for the seventh year, Daniel P Brown will offer the precious Pointing Out Level 1 teaching covering the core practices of the Pointing Out Way in Melbourne.

Pointing Out Way Level 1

21 – 28 March 2019 in Melbourne.

Join Daniel P Brown and Gretchen Nelson in this open level course to explore the openness of being and the foundational practices of meditation.

Level 1 retreats present a full set of instructions for Mahamudra practice in a highly condensed manner. By emphasizing concentration early in the retreat, students experience a momentum for practice that often allows at least a taste of realization of the nature of the mind as being pointed out.

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One-Day Concentration Course with Gretchen Nelson

18 March 2019 in Melbourne.

This daylong course is designed as both an introduction and a follow up for the weeklong Level 1 Pointing Out Way course which is taught by Dan Brown and Gretchen Nelson annually in Australia.

The course is interactive, lectures followed by guided meditations filled by discussion. There will be 7-8 meditations from 15-20 minutes each.  You will see they all have a direct impact on your life  “off the pillow”. Please register in advance as there is limited space.

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Professional development workshops

Treating Acute and Complicated Grief

15 – 16 March 2019 in Melbourne.

Grief is a complex phenomenon which can often underly other psychological conditions. Treatment for grief follows a clear and definable path. This workshop is primarily treatment focused; it will outline in clear steps the way in which a clinician can treat grief. The workshop will cover grief associated with bereavement, loss, life change and early development.

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Treating Attachment Pathology in Adults

1 – 2 April 2019 in Melbourne.

Sophisticated assessment tools are available to identify attachment pathology in adults. Less attention, however, has been paid to the development of effective treatment protocols. This workshop focuses on state-of-the-art, effective ways to treat insecure attachment pathology in adults, including with personality and dissociative disorder patients.

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