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Welcome to Pointing Out Australia

Indo-Tibetan Meditation Retreats

Pointing Out Australia runs meditation retreats in the Pointing Out style of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism along with professional development courses for psychotherapists and health professionals.

Both are taught by Daniel P Brown PhD, Director, The Center for Integrative Psychotherapy, Newton MA; Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School. Level 1 Meditation Retreats are co-taught with Gretchen Nelson.

Meditation retreats

The Pointing Out style combines a strong grounding in the Western scientific study of the contemplative experience integrated with the ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual traditions and the wisdom of their direct transmission lineages. This provides Westerners of all levels with simple, profound and clear access to the deepest spiritual traditions.


Coming to Australia in 2020 for the eighth year, Dan and Gretchen will offer the precious Pointing Out Level 1 teaching covering the core practices of the Pointing Out Way in Melbourne.

2020 Retreat Details

Professional development workshops

For those with strong interest in understanding and treating attachment related challenges with their clients, Dan will offer two two-day experiential workshops in Melbourne.

2020 Event Details